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What was the inspiration behind your kids' names?

I do wish i had some adorable stories for you, but the inspired ideas for their names are rather ordinary, so sorry if the answer to this teamBoo FAQ is a snoozer.

"Elyott" was a name we liked when the show "Scrubs" was first on (the main female doctor of the show was Elliott Reed). Looking back I wish we had spelled it differently. I wanted it to look feminine, but it just ends up confusing the one "L" and two "t"s...I was a little delirious in the hospital after i delivered, and clearly wasn't thinking very logically. Also it's kind of a "Utah" thing to do...making up names. We still like you Utah-ians, but your names are frigging crazy. I do love her name sets her apart and fits her "girly, yet rough and tumble" nature.

"Sheamus" was one of  teacher's sons names in high school. I always liked it, but knew it was "majorly off limits" since everyone knew I'd be "totally copying the 'cool' teacher." Then once i left the high school bubble, I realized that almost everything we worried about in there was completely ridiculous, so i named him that anyway. We added the "h" to american-ize it and because we felt it would be easier for people to pronounce. It worked. It is also an Irish form of "James" which is my Dad's name, that was a bonus. I have so many people tell me how much they love it and have never heard of it before...but i've heard it's like naming someone "Michael" in Ireland. Maybe i should just go with it and let them think i'm really original and cool. Either way.

"Sonny" just popped into my head one day when it was getting dangerously close to his due date (boy names suck). It was basically the sweetest name I had ever heard, and I knew it had to be mine. Plus it's perfect cause he is seriously the happiest smiliest baby i've ever met. He laughs at just about everything (walking him in a circle, putting his feet in my eye sockets, folding a blanket in front of him, etc.). I guess i lucked out with that cause imagine how awkward it would be if he were totally crabby and annoying all the time. But i guess you can ask me again in a couple years ;)

Oh plus, did i mention i have awesome taste? that's mostly why.

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alison said...

i love "scrubs" and just the fact that it inspired a baby name for you makes me love your blog even more ;)

i think you have fabulous kiddo names (which you didn't need ME to tell you that!). my kiddos all have family inspired names...but unfortunately, that also saddled them with extremely popular and common names. there are about a bajillion "hannahs" in my daughter's kindergarten class, "chandler" is one of many, and poor "ava" will have to come up with some sort of pseudonym because she's just gonna be another ava in the crowd! i'm planning on their sparkling personalities to set them apart :)

Jalene said...


i always though the "sheamus" came from seamus in Harry Potter.

Tiffany said...

I love your kids names. We've met more than one Seamus here on the east coast. It's a great name. I think it was smart to add the "h."

valerie said...

I love "ask boo"!

robin said...

i wanted a girl elliott. oh, and a girl sunny and a boy sonny.

maybe if i come out of retirement i can use one of those names... but i'm not. i am done.

blah blah blah, i always make my comments on YOUR blog about ME.

and thanks for mentioning that sawyer looks like that guy from snl, because now when i look at him all i see is that guy. i should get sawyer some nerd glasses.

but really, good job on the naming.

Michelle said...

good to know! I always want to name my future kids older names. Like Oliver, and Victoria, etc. And Isabella was a favorite of mine until twilight.

But I think it will be okay to use when I have babies... cause it ain't gonna be for AWHILE.

Kara said...

ask teamboo is awesome.

Krystal and Bruce said...

Did you take off your links to other blogs? Or is my computer being gay?!?!? I'll be really really really sad if you did cuz thats how I got to all the other amazing blogs out there! me = sad face

MaryPosa said...

Elliot is an awesome name for a girl no matter how you spell it. :) We named our Elliot after Elliot Smith and also T.S. Eliot. (so emo, I know. we were young and ridiculous.)

I feel like I want to do a survey or something to see if a lot of #3 babies are super cheerful. My sister-in-law and I both have a baby number three that is excessively smiley.

jdavissquared said...

I agree with Kara, I'm loving ask teamboo!

Laura said...

We heart seriously in an almost scary way...our 3 year old asks to watch "Dr Cox" regularly....she has picked up some colorful now we are a little more careful about what episodes she is allowed to enjoy...she prefers it over even the best of Disney. I know that you picked your Elyotts name after Dr Reed..Carla Dike just sounds funny! ;)

sheena said...

oh I am so happy you came to my blog so I could find yours! nice to meet you.

"Elyott" is not too " Utah"....don't worry:) the biggest thing I've noticed here is taking regular names and just changing ONE letter:


See? Utah.

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