Fake it till you make it

I ran the san diego marathon this weekend with Bert . 

Mistake #1: forgot my shoe inserts (orthotics) Felt awesome 'til about mile #21 when my knee caps turned into grinding stones. 

Mistake #2: decided i had trained long enough that i could do the no shirt thing after i got too hot. This was fine until caught a glimpse of the pictures Adam took where my stomach turned into old lady neck skin with each pound of the foot (thank you pregnancy!) It's coo. This must have been why the 70 year old man on the sideline whooped "a high five for the pretty lady!"  Oh, he got his high five...and I've got all my angles covered.

The trip was a blast. Lots of laughing, and i didn't even pee my pants once! Can't wait for the next. Thanks grandma and pa Peterson and grandma and pa Brown for taking/loving my babies while i was gone and of course Bert and Bairdhound for the sweet sweet company...IMPALLA!


Kara said...

wow- you did it, you are amazing!

The Payne family said...

Yeah I have no idea how anyone can run 26 miles. The loop in soccer was about enough to kill me off. Remember when Dick used to pass us up running backwards while we were running that loop?

Andrea & Blake said...

that is awesome, congrats!! after this baby I'm going to train for something like that but probably not 26 miles, who knows maybe I will - I've heard it's a little addicting once you get started! what a great accomplishment! wahoo

Mer said...

Carolyn! Oh my goodness, this is Meredith (Little) Lam. What a cute blog you have! I found it via Andrea and Blake's blog. Wow, you and Adam have the cutest family! Okay, so your mom and I are Stake Weblos (sp?) leaders together. She is awesome, I love talking to her! I am so going to add you to our friend's list. Our blog is set to private, but email me (merdus(at)msn(dot)com)your email address(the one you use to sign into blogger) and you can check out our family blog. Well, good it was great to find you, congrats on the marathon! Love and aloha, Meredith :o)

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