dressing on the side...

Wheee! Grrr! Ahhh!  The sound of gloriousness coming from my basement. Yet also the sound of trauma when Elyott is forcing Sheamus to be Snow White.  My kids have come to discover the positive-attention-getter of the decade: the kid in public dress up. We have so many costumes at our house it's retarded.  They love nothing more than pretending to be whatever crazy they can conjure up that day.  

Currently Sheamus is 100% obsessed with being "Mr. Incredible"...a costume he cherishes for its built in "boneths" (aka. muscles) as he calls them ("look at all my boneths mom!"). He wears this bed, to the gym, to my brother's high school graduation, to swim lessons in 95 degree heat (bless his superhero heart), to the store, etc.  At church he just carries it around like a dirty blanket. It is so awesome.  You gotta admire the dedication.  

Elyott, on the other hand, changes costumes about....4-6 times a day at least?  My favorite is when she pees her pants in like three of them in one day. The two of them get along great, and I'm proud of Sheamus for staying strong and not letting Elyott dress him according to her preference (Well, for the most part. He has been talked into a pink carebear). As for the costume for tomorrow?? my vote: the "ariel meets mexican prostitute" of Elyott's best ;)

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Rachael Earl said...

I love that you use the word retarded in every post.

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