Pop Rocks!

10 reasons my dad rocks...

1. His love and knowledge of music, and has a song for ANY comment.
2. encouraged 7 yr. old me to jump off a 20 ft(?) stump into the eel river 
3. knows what a "stick out" is (and almost everything else)
4. his rubber-band face when we were little
5. Is a 10 year old boy when outdoors
6. Doesn't play golf
7. Self taught to play guitar in his 30's...plays in an "old man" rock band @ 50+
8. Still believes he has "perfectly normal" looking feet :)
9. Can kill a Donald duck impression (one of many)
10. Loves Ben and Jerry's as much as I do

10 reasons my husband rocks...

1. He lovingly sings the kids twinkle little star without hitting a single note
2. Isn't above "buttercupping" his 4 year old daughter
3. Loves every movie, and doesn't mind me falling asleep to most of them
4. Knows all the short cuts & can jimmy-rig any contraption or invention
5. Always orders dessert 
6. Makes the freakin' best chocolate chip cookies
7. Orders cheese pizza or chicken strips at 75% of restaurants
8. Folds all our laundry!!...and packs the kid's bags perfectly for a trip
9. Shaqueefa never dies
10. Is ALWAYS the one my kids throw up on he's hot to trot ;)

10 reasons my step-dad rocks...

1. He can hypnotize any crying baby into a coma
2. He works himself to the bone...but never complains
3. He's the best headache head squeezer ever!
4. Gives me blankets before i even realize i'm cold
5. His super gay guy taste in shopping (but makes up for it w/his "all man" monster sized Excursion)
6. Always a gentleman...and SO humble!
7. His "korean" sneezes
8. Lets us force him to play games 
9. His infamous "sigh"
10. Woke up with raisinettes stuck to his chest

To all the Dads in my life....Happy fathers Day!!!!

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