team picnic

I have been neglecting my computer. I haven't even read Nie in like a week and a half, so you know I'm for real. but i've been taking lots of pictures (do iphone pictures count??) Here are a few i wanted to share before too much time goes by and then it's old news and I feel like i'm breaking the blog rules even though you'd never know ;)

*Fun fact about this picture: I am wearing the same pants that I was wearing in the previous post....Onlyyyy it's been like three years and i'm still trying to pretend like they fit me. I'm pretty certain I haven't bought new jeans in those same three years (besides the maternity ones that were basically ripped from my quivering fists when my sister was nine months pregnant and needed them more that me, who was wearing them 7 months post-pardom :) The jeans i did have all died and became cutoffs/nevernudes (except for "old blues" above) at which point I started to pretend leggings were pants (sorry legs) but then it got too hard to disguise my court ordered ankle bracelet so I alternated between thigh high boots with ripped fishnets, and the more classic metallic hammer pants (for when i needed to be grown up, you know for court and stuff)...wait nevermind, that's Lindsay Lohan...i hate when I get us mixed up. 

Anyway, needless to say, when I found my old blue-ies I was SO relieved...I wore them for the rest of my life. 

oh ya, we had a lovely picnic.
team Boo 's you


kelly said...

if having love handles means a baby that looks like sonny then it's well worth the (non visible) spillage you keep talking about.

three cheers for muffin tops- hip hip
pun intended.

MaryPosa said...

Ok iPhone/Camera phone pics always count. Just ask me, i'm an expert on that.

Since my three babies have all come in the last 4 years, i'm having the same jeans issue. I have one single pair of jeans that *kind of* fit which do not include ginormous holes in the knees, bum, or other areas. And this solitary pair originated in about 2003. Buying a new pair would entail venturing out to stores which don't have the little novelty car/shopping carts, and spending more than 4 minutes trying stuff on. Come on, that is just SO unrealistic. :)

I'm totally there with you.

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