I don't believe in one ways streets. Not between friends and not while i'm driving.

Can i make a confession? me a birthday scrooge, but phone calls on birthdays can be such a piece of crap*. All it means is that you have to do a run down of what you've done (or plan to do) like 17 times, all the while wasting any activity time you could be having with your wife who keeps trying to do stuff for your birthday but instead has to watch you talk on the phone...all day. It is a sweet thought (or possibly just obligatory?), but the next day, send a card, or my personal fave...a text (both economical and time savvy!) Ba hum bug.

*Insert foot for when my kids are grown and which case birthday phone calls are my favorite thing in the world.)

happy 29th birthday lover!
(and yes his glasses are pink)

team Boo 's you
(...and handsome bob)


Team Cowan said...

I agree 100%. My in laws are all about the birthday phone call. If my husband misses one of their birthdays he feels absolutely sick about it. To me, it's a totally awkward conversation. I can understand if you're in the habit of talking on the phone often, but if it's a once a year thing.... ugh.

TEN said...

I totally agree, so I don't even answer the phone OR texts on my birthday. I like to believe that people just assume that I'm having too much fun to talk lol

Kirsti.osborne said...

you don't know me but i totally follow your blog but have never commented. but this is so true that i can't not tell you that i wholeheartedly agree! thank you! in fact i usually don't answer my phone on my birthday and just let people leave a voicemail cuz i really appreciate it when they do that on their birthdays!

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