my face is 5!

I just realized I never posted when he turned 4...oops (get used to it middle child ;) We did have a party but I think i was just coming out of my "sick coma" with my sonny pregnancy. Excuses, excuses...what i'm trying to say is my Sheamus is 5 and I am gonna celebrate like its nobody's business! (that's a lie. we are actually just going to the park to eat cake...this is a product of too many kids, and him having a birthday in my month from hell)

Fun sheamus facts:

-a typical nightly prayer these days..."dear heavy fodder, please bless sonny to not get smashed by a monster truck, and help us to not say 'ew' at moms food. help me to have lots of toys i like. and help Jesus to be safe. amen." ...You know, only the really important stuff ;)

-sheamus is a master at watching a movie with his eyes locked on the screen and his body flailing and flipping upside down and inside out. He's like a freak of nature. Ok...maybe he's just 5, but still. I have never seen such distraction and dedication all at once.

-still snuggly and sweet. some common phrases "are you pondering what i'm pondering?" "So, how's your day going so far?" He's also turning into quite a little jokester (his laugh is infectious).

-Still wears costumes daily, but now he prefers the ones with no muscles so he can wear regular clothes over the top as his "secret identity"

-will, totally unprompted, clean the entire basement toy room and actually organize every toy in its correct bin. It's amazing the focus of this kid when he wants to do a "good deed" all i gotta do is show him how to clean toilets and we are set.

-It's a guarantee that this kid will fall at least 10 times a day. sitting in a stationary chair? crash. walking calmly down a hallway? bang. buckled securely in his straightjacket? thwack. maybe he has an inner ear issue?? If i were more responsible, i'd get that checked out. On second thought...i'm pretty certain he's just a spaz.

Happy birthday Face! you are my best big boy!!

team Boo 's you


Michelle said...

I don't remember you ever calling him "Face" before!

Happy B-Day to Sheamus!! I remember him as a baby at Grandma Edna's B-day party, right? ehh everything is fuzzy in my memory.

I love that "and help us not to say 'ew' at moms food"!!!

Is that why your kids are so skinny??? ;)

Anonymous said...

first of all, i laughed out loud at pretty much this entire entry. not sure it that is relatively healthy, but oh well.

second of all, i've been reading your blog for a little over a month, and it has to be the most charming lil' thing in the whole wide world, ever. love it. you're a fabulous mom and your kids are so blessed.

but most of all, i wanted to sincerely thank you for posting your entry about your experience with anxiety. i've been in that dark place for over a year now, and after refusing to do anything about it, you've inspired me to be active about getting help. i have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow and it was all sparked from you. thank you thank you, i hope to get better soon.

and last of all, the word verification for me to post this comment is "pubse". that's disgusting. :p

margaret said...

so i recently "rediscovered" your blog again. you have the cutest kids (and i must admit sheamus is my fave) and you are quite possibly the coolest mom ever! it's always a blast reading your posts!!!

GloamingDesigns said...

pnodering - he is amazing! love that!!

Bonnie said...

He looks like you in that second picture.

Melissa said...

How funny! I call my little guy face too...Nobody loves momma more than those boys! Enjoy!

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