i believe in yesterday.

yesterday i swear i almost got hit by lightning. it was so close it basically blew out my eardrums right when it hit (in what looked like our back yard). i scary. i like to think God spared me since i just got finished babysitting my friends kids, and that kind of a follow up would be messed up, especially for God.

yesterday Sheamus DID get hit by a cousin with...a light saber. really hard :( but it turned out fine cause it just looked like a "smooch" from his momma, and not like he needed physical protection from his momma by the state.

yesterday i ran 13 miles.

yesterday I make a mini quilt (12 x12?) start to finish. AND made dinner!! 

believe me, i'm just as shocked as you are.

so that's why yesterday i didn't post. 
also my internet went out. i guess thats the main reason.

team Boo 's you

(haven't you heard?  tooting your own horn is the new "black". Toot toot!)


Michelle said...

dang! And I finished my hw and felt accomplished...

Was the cousin Ryder?

or marlee.. haha!

Buffalo Gal said...

which child, ryder or travis? darn those light saber's (remember when i called them "light savers", last year ;)

robin said...

what the 13 miles!

AmyLee said...

for sure the craziest day ever. lightening, running half marathons, light sabers, quilt making... dinner. too much. pushing it over the top... no internet. amazedic.

Lauren Elizabeth said...

you go girl!

Caroline said...

Love love to run!!! I could barely run 2 miles last November so I signed up for the SF marathon in July, trained my butt off and finished. 13 miles is awesome!!!! Keep on running! xo

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