opposite day.

"Phoenix kind of felt like Seattle yesterday. Only less green...and more glittery pocketed Jeans" (my friend Jenna)

A few days ago we set up a trampoline in our basement (we shortened it of course).

You see yesterday was Sheamus's birthday party, which was to be outside "on the spiderweb playground" (as requested) BUT, it was forecasted to rain. Now, here in Arizona we LOVE rain. We pray for it. The whole neighborhood will stand on their porches in awe and watch it. We intentionally run through it. We spend good money on cute umbrellas and rain boots we know full well will only get used only once or twice. 


...when it finally comes, we all become slightly mentally retarded.

Even though it will literally only rain for like ten minutes at a time...the stores are abandoned. the freeways are lined with accidents. we get confused and send our children to school improperly dressed. we are cold and afraid, and don't know how to be civilized. So when the weatherman threatens a few raindrops on a day when you've planned for a party outside, you might start to do weird things as a backup set up trampolines IN your house.

It never rained.

I'll keep you posted on the inevitable injuries.

team Boo 's you

*why didn't we do this at the beginning of summer when we couldn't even go outside!?


communikate. said...

this is incredibly AWESOME!

it's so true. people get CRAZY there when it sprinkles.

kathleen said...

this looks like the best thing ever!

Artsy Aut said...

That looks totally fun! I wish I had a trampoline, and a basement for that matter

Lauren Elizabeth said...

ahhhh how cool is that?!

it's kind of like that when it snows or something here in austin/houston. no one knows what to do!!! school gets cancelled for just a few flakes.

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