turning tricks.

When Elyott turned "5" my in-laws happened to be going to peter piper pizza while up north visiting the grandparents. I still hadn't gotten around to throwing her an official party, so I quickly scrambled and got the word out that we should make that outing her "birthday party"...only it was July...her birthday is in January. oopsie. BUT, she was thrilled! HA Hah, kids are so easy to trick. 

I miss the days when I could make their birthdays whenever I wanted. Now with an older sister (who is on to my game ;) as his personal informant (2nd graders don't let anything slide) we had to do Sheamus's birthday within an appropriate time frame, but that didn't keep me from keeping our white trash 5th birthday tradition alive.

-at a dog park
-with two ballons (??)
-a power ranger at his own "spider (man)" themed party
-serve yourself water jugs for drinks.
-a cousin-on-party-guest gang style beat down
-white (spider webbing) streamers that just looked like the gazebo got T.P'd
...a gazebo!!

So yes, my party planning has seen better days, but you know what the best thing about about 5 year olds?? You could probably throw their birthday party atop a giant mound of manure and they would still think it was the best party ever! Which is what sheamus told me later his was...booyah.

...well, minus the manure.

team Boo 's you


Christopher said...

Is that a candle that he is blowing out?...Like, just a candle? Is there even a cake in there or anything?!

teamBoo said...

Haha...chris that was at school! I'm not that lazy ;)

Lauren Elizabeth said...

sounds like my kind of party! ;)

Kalyn said...

i just wanted to say i love all your stories! they make me laugh out loud every time!

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