2011 flashback

Here are some links just in case your memory is as bad as mine:

1*           2          3          4*         5          6          7          8          9* 

 10         11       12           13          14 

*see this post which demonstrates both #1 and 4 
#9...coming soon

To flash back on our last flash back go here. Shut-up, its not overkill. it's just fun :)

Happy New Year!

team Boos 's you


Kelli Anderson said...

i will forever love your blog and only wish that you posted so much more often. but it's ok, because i know that the internet world just can't compare with those four little darlings of yours. (husband included!)

Actuary Mom said...

I love the recap, hopefully 2012 is just as good.

Shane said...

This is an adorable way to recap the year :) Cheers to the New Year!

xo Shane

Brissa said...

this is the best 2011 recap i have ever seen. EVER.
i love your blog and you and your stories and your children.

abby said...

i'm dying over that outfit, carolyn!

Kelli Anderson said...

blog more!!!

Megan Marie said...

miss you. :)

kay el tea said...

ah! Thanks so much for responding to my email! and please, please come back!!

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