deep in my heart...the thunder rolls

"who disturbs my cookie tiiime" -random quote by sheamus/elyott/man/boy
(i thought kids only did this in movies??)

Tonight we had a classic AZ thunderstorm. The kind where the thunder never stops rolling (and that Garth Brooks song won't stop replaying in your mind). I stood outside trying to catch a lightning photo for my class, and I stand before you this day vowing never to make fun of a cheesy lightning picture again. Those suckers are so very sneaky. I barely got one (a crappy one), and I basically took 4 thousand pictures. Maybe I'm missing something? maybe it's really easy to do, and the minute i figure it out, I can switch back to being unimpressed with lightning photos (we all know lightning photos are a gateway drug to wearing wolf shirts).

Speaking of being dramatic, I don't know why I can't bring myself to officially divulge what I'm studying in school (a few of you have asked). Probably cause it's boring to blog about. I suppose you'll just hear snippets here and there about my education (SUSPENSE!) Also cause its awkward when I start telling a friend something in person and then I can see it in their eyes:

A. they are feigning a first time reaction 
("that is Brand New information")
B. it's cause they read it on my blog

Like that frigging blazer post. I feel like I can't wear it without feeling so contrived. So if you see me in a blazer this fall let's just have a code word* so we can have a mutual understanding that I know you read about it, and you know I know you are gonna pretend you don't know, but by saying the code word we can just move on and talk about much more interesting my school schedule ;) That, or just don't look me in the eyes. 

*Lately, I keep wanting to save time and make code words with people (Adam) and they never take me seriously. Let's do this! code word: "BLAZING SADDLES" (i guess that's two code words)

I'm in a weird mood. 

must be the electricity in the air.

team Boo 's you


communikate. said...

yes, i knew before clicking on the link that was phoebe line!

you're sneaking.. but i like it. totally your info to give and share. whatever you're studying i'm sure you'll do great (and i hope it's something using your genius creativity!)

kira said...

I am quite positive that Garth Brooks song will be stuck in my head all day now. Thanks for that :)

mle said...

lightning photos are "easier" if you set up a tripod and do a long exposure so you don't have to sit there waiting to click your shutter every time you see lighting. that's why some of them have like 10 lighting strikes because it's over a longer period of time. (i don't know if this is what you were already doing but that's the easiest way, i think) now you can go back to being unimpressed with lighting photos :)

mle said...

p.s. i feel like i was really annoying and informed you of something you already knew. if so, don't mind me. but i quite enjoy your blog, you are hilarious!

teamBoo said...


I did NOT know that. And you're NOT annoying...i'll take all the tips i can get! Now if only i had a tripod.

chelsey meyer said...

i'm pretty sure i'll never see you in person, so you can go ahead and tell me. kthanksbye.

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