trail blazer

I'm on holiday for two weeks without my kids. and without my lover.

There were too many last minute details to absorb their yummy smells into memory before i left. I hate that. Also i didn't want to be to dramatic, cause I didn't want to upstage my 8 year old daughter. I asked Sonny like a million times why he couldn't just fit into my pocket and come with me, but he just kept watching his "toons" and was all "(yawn) i am bored with this" when i was nuzzling into his neck (he secretly loved it, he just likes to play hard to get).

so where in the world is Carolyn (SanDiego)?

If all goes well i will be posting while i'm gone. But if not (i can't find wi fi) then you'll just have to wait and see...wahhh

But i found a Blazer! (with all your much appreciated help) Then Elyott directed this mini fashion show before i left. Don't i look just like Kristen Wiig....'s chubbier sidekick?

You'll likely be seeing more of blazey in my trip pictures...which by the way is sponsored by my parents. This will quash any rumors that i am full of crap when i talk about my starving student life. Okay so i'm a little full of crap when i say "starving" student. Clearly not starving (or pregnant, i swear ;) Plenty of lady lumps on reserve.

I'll be back before you can say "have a bitchin' summer"


Swirls of Happy said...

LOVE the blazer!!! You look adorable (as always) and I hope you have the best time evvverrr!!!!

cara. said...

very awesome. please tell me this vacation includes portland....or san diego in the next 24 hours.

ruthie said...

Where did you find the blazer? (Not to mention that skirt.) Cute!

Brissa said...

i love your outfit. every single part of it. even that little corner of your shoes, because i can just tell they're amazing. have fun on your two-week long vacation. i am super jealous. so you'll just have to take a lot of pictures so that i might vacation vicariously through you.

Emily said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
communikate. said...

Oooh.. I know where you're going!!! Have the greatest time!

Oh, and great jacket btw!!

teamBoo said...

Blazer - forever 21
Skirt - vintage
Shoes - Betsy Johnson
Poochie - lots of late night milkshakes

Sorry cara- not Portland (in due time friend)

margaret said...

you and kristen wiig = twinsies.

Pack 110 said...

are you going to comic-con you twilight freak?

robin said...

i know where you are because i am SO in.

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