¡viva madrid!

stop number one on our trip...

Madrid, Spain!

After about the 40th photo of us standing smiling in front of "some cool building" we decided we would branch out a bit. i am still learning the ropes of my new (refurbished) canon 60Dcamera. It was my mothers day slash christmas (from both sets of parents) slash birthday present (twice). I cant fake knowing how to use it yet (via jazzy editing tricks) since im on the hotel computer. Nor can i find the apostrophe on this spanish keyboard...or spell check apostrophe :)

 party at the royal palace
 The best "planking" shot from Madrid goes to my mom in Retiro park.
So freaking awesome.
My little brother showing up my lame jump.

Anywho...Incredible city. Lots of weird rice dishes with eyeballs, but delish churros de chocolate, holy crap. Perfect mixture of old world and modern design (nuns carrying H&M bags??). Lots of couples who are one instant casually talking- then totally deep throat tongue kissing- then, just as abruptly as they started, stopping to figure out which metro line to take (which is even less hot than you might be imagining) Lots of street vendors competing for your attention like: chubby gregarious spiderman, zombie clown jumping out of cardboard box and freaky baby whistle blowers...both weird and mesmerizing. Of course this is the city, and in Madrid's defense, every big city has its own brand of wackadoodles.

Annnnd Flamenco! A less cheesy riverdance but with more passion, elegance and drama (with really talented singers that sound a teensie bit like they are taking a painful dump?). Makes you want to stomp your feet and wear skirts with extra material for whipping people in the face...for when you really want to get your point across.

(Catherine Zeta Jones and Ryan Gosslings sassy spanish dopplegangers)



Taylor K said...

This is forthereals the best travel blog post I have ever read. Sign me up for chocolate churros, planking, doppledangers and eyeballs con arroz.

Have fun!

prettybaby said...

you just make me laugh. truly, i lol. not just lol like everyone says even though they really didn't lol.


Cup of Natali said...

yes, i love this.
you make spain look better than it is!

jdavissquared said...

Awesome! What a fabulous vacay! Your fun photos make me happy.

abby said...

muy caliente! i love madrid! i love all your shots and your fancy 60d (jealous!). dreaming of churros y chocolate right now. have another for me.

MaryPosa said...

Oh man. This is almost too much awesome to handle!

Tucker said...

You guys are so precious! I wonder if we were in firenze at the same time (: !!

cefec said...

OMG! You were in Madrid I didn´t even know it!!??
I’m from Spain, from the beautyful city of Toledo, so close to Madrid, and I’ve been following your blog from awhile, anyway you made a great review from the great Madrid, I’m super glad that you’ve enjoyed it and churros con chocolate, one of the yummiest Spanish specialities

nos vemos!

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