too legit to quit.

Ok now where were we? 
Ah yes...January. 
Hopes were high. 
Hair freshly cut.
Legs doing a old-time-y step kick step kick to the music my head....

Then my face melted.

I'm seriously busier than i have ever been in my life.
I'm old and tired...
used and abused...
...cold and afraid?
(but mostly just old and tired).

I am thankful to be working and in school, but darn it all if life is just whizzing by me. I have not internetted in going on 3 months! No pins. No posts. No new music. No pictures uploaded. No reading the yahoo headlines (I didn't even know about Whitney Houston for like 5 days) I haven't even synched my iphone since January. JANUARY! 

It has been glorious!

So, let me break it down:
-At 25 months finally a drunk Fwankenstein. (actually he started about 22 months but now it's full time) 
-Still no intelligible talking but has said each of the following words at least (and probably only) once..."please, thank you, cracker, don't, bye bye, out, all done, hi, wow, ready set go, whatcha doing" (this one is a stretch) and about 3 animal sounds. Which, call it denial, but add "poo poo" and I think he's pretty much got his bases covered. 

And before you go thinking my kid is a huge idiot, let me just say that what he lacks in smarts he makes up for in sleeping awesomeness and laughing at everything. He makes everyone feel funny and important. Always has a toy in each hand which is cute, but not good for holding sippies or doing just about anything else that would require the use of your thumbs (Ok so maybe he's a little bit of an idiot). 

(if you ignore your crying baby at the bottom of the stairs long enough, things will sort themselves out)

-Turned 9! and bought a used wheelchair with her birthday money (?) 
-Was diagnosed with ADD and started the medication hokey pokey. 
-Is into tricks and pranks and kicked it off by putting garlic powder in my hair dryer (She felt too bad so she told me before i turned it on, but it took a few blow-dries before I didn't smell like italian food). 
-Played on a volleyball team
-Asked casually on the way to Chipotle  "how the dad's seeds get to the egg inside the mommy" and we discussed it like any other lunch time chit chat...about genitals. At the end she said the classic "so you and Daddy have done that three times?" 
-She found out there was no Santa :( (way to go Grandma D) 
-She also made 3 new friends, and made one giant scary mannequin twin friend of herself.
(this little babushka is not the mannequin twin. I will get you a picture of that soon but i'm forewarning that it may haunt your dreams)
-Learned how to read. 
-Got staples in his head after he got a teacher's booty to the head and ricocheted into the sharp edge of the classroom door. 
-Played T-ball
-Discovered his admiration for Sportacus from Lazy Town, which as far as kids shows go is about as visually irritating as it gets, but it got him to eat more apples, so whatevs.

Handsome Bob
-Had allergies, back problems, vertigo and insomnia (and still does). 
-Applied to pharmacy school*. 
-Started a business. 
-Went to school full time. 
(Doesn't he sound like a bucket o' fun? He is. He just sounds super lame on paper)
(aren't they cute? Do you love sonny's new top fro?)

Odd Jobs*:
-Started the process of smoothing the textured walls in our house (don't ask, i'm a freak) -Altered two dresses and made two shirts and a skirt from scratch. 
-Threw a Jem and the Holograms Dodgeball going away party for a dear friend who abandoned me for Hawaii. 
-Went to school full time. 
-Started working part time. 
-*Applied to pharmacy school for Adam ;) 
-Had (and recovered) from surgery. 
(Maybe that doesn't sound busy but i don't have to prove myself to you jerkface. just kidding, the longer version would be lame. let's still be friends)

*You don't get a picture of me cause there are none and also cause you had to stare at that same 2011 recap of me for two and a half months :)

team Boo 's you


kay el tea said...

yay!! you're back! that does sound like way too much stuff for any one person.

Jessica said...

hilarious about the little man at the bottom of the stairs!

Brissa said...

ahhhh! team boo! back in my life!!!! all is right with the world! you guys have been busy. your kids are still my favorite. i wish i could sleep like sonny.

communikate. said...

what that crap, boo. three monthsish?!

you sound super busy. i love being that way though. and good for you for working and school it's rough isn't it?

come back soon! :)

cara. said...

you are amazing.

Valerie said...

dude, the internet is so full of crazy moms that I really missed reading Team Boo! Come back soon!

Christallion said...


Please cut Sonny's hair. I don't approve of his weird do. I mean, he is still annoyingly adorable, but really?


Ariel said...

happy for you and your's all awesome. sorry to hear about the vertigo among other things...I have had it; um....gnarly!

Kelli Anderson said...

i want to be you when i grow up. your kid are hilarious (used wheelchair?) and they are adorable. you are rad all around.

kathleen said...

i was thinking you had left the intranet forever! glad you are semi back and that the fam is just as team boo-licious as ever! (too early plus too much coffee...idk whats happening to my brain) yay!

megan said...

Woo hoo! You're back. We missed you A LOT, but whatevs ;)

Megan Marie said...

this is why i've missed you so much. you guys are the best at crazy shenanigans! in three months you have done more than most of us do in two years.

thanks for coming back to us!

..JiLL.. said...

Boo is back! Lovin' it.

I don't mind if it's going to be another 3months before the next post, we get to look at Sonny passed out at the bottom of the steps (with a battery next to him?) until win!

abby said...

ditto to cara.

and i can't stop laughing about: "so you and Daddy have done that three times?"

amanda said...

I haven't laughed out loud during a blog post in ages. I think I lost it at the used wheelchair.. oh my gosh, I needed that. Your family is awesome.

M. said...

glad you're back right when i find your awesome blog. following, anticipating more boo craziness.

la said...

Wait, I wanted the long version! And personally, I am a little surprised that the Jem party didn't get its own post, I mean, it just sounded really awesome is all. But what a lame human being your friend that abandoned you must be. I'll bet she is regretting that decision

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