not 30.

I typically don't let myself honestly compare myself to other girls. For that habit is a risky little game. A healthy life-guaging amount yes, but not in a beat myself up kind of way. i generally like to make my life's shortcomings known and embrace them like a cheeky sidekick. And it is certainly opposite day of fair to even read Cakies blog around my birthday, because it happens to be right after her birthday. Every year it sets the movie standard of thoughtful gift giving, themed scavenger hunts and romantic adorableness that make kittens look like donkeys. 

Now, I knew what i was getting into when Adam and i got married, and it did not include romantic warm fuzzies. True this: we are in love and compatible and insanely happy to be best friends with benefits everyday. But as i looked down at my birthday breakfast in bed burrito and 3 musketeers bar garnished with secondhand candles that spelled out "hairy", i thought how nice it would be if Cakies husband could coach Adam on how to think about a wife's birthday sooner than 10 minutes before she wakes up. Maybe it's my own birthday karma?? In his defense I am very low maintenance, but next time at least try and spell out less offensive anagram of the leftover "hap birtday" letters. At least.

He's lucky i didn't turn 30 this year. And that his birthday is 3 weeks after mine (so he set his own lame standard). And that he unknowingly ordered me a pair of new camel colored ankle boots that i got a little late, but i forgive him since he has such good taste (wink).

...And also i really like burritos. 

team Boo 's you


Megan Marie said...

awe, you gotta give him snaps for the creativity under pressure.

hap birtday.


kelli case anderson said...

hap birtday hahaha. i know what you mean.

abby said...

you just make me laugh. so much. cakies is darling but i just CANNOT relate to her. YOU, i can relate to. (but still compare myself to in an unhealthy way and feel jealous of for being so beautiful and hilarious. so stick that in your birthday cake and smoke it.)

Jessica said...

I just randomly found your blog and am newly obsessed! I also totally relate to this post ;)

David and Shalynna said...

I definitely did not need another blog to read and another person to be jealous of (Abby and I tend to be jealous of the same people), but Kate's link to your blog made this happen. I want to be you. The circus and Clue parties are amazing, your photos perfect (the Sonny photos are killing me), and you just seem like a wonderful person. Hope you had a great birthday!

By the way, this post made me laugh out loud and I hardly ever do that. :)

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