moving forward.

It's not that I particularly love my chin. I don't particularly hate it either. I mean...It's a chin (although adam's was a little pube-y). Yet there it has sat at the top of my page for weeks. Based on recent requests to change the "chin" picture, I am freshly posting. Thinking chinless thoughts. Are you getting scared that the subject of this post will be "chins"? (Complete with corny Chinese phonebook jokes). It probably won't be, but I never really plan ahead. For anything. Except children. But we're only about 66% on that. 

The best was the time that i left the soft focus pregnant picture of myself for like 3 weeks. It wasn't just because that picture was dreamy and Delta Burke style awesome, but it marked the first time in months that i wasn't confined to my bed from pregnancy nausea. And i took a little break because the last thing i wanted to prove was how equally exciting my life was when I wasn't too sick even to watch Gilmore GIrls re-runs (did you even know suck a sickness level existed!? Me neither.)

Our update? Sonny still drags his cute, almost 2 year old, little legs around like your 9 month old. And refuses to say anything audible but "don don don!" (when he wants you to stop picking his nose) or "Wow" for most other things.

It makes sense though, since there art so many things to be impressed with around here. Like the 45 minutes we saved in November by keeping our Christmas lights stapled to our house since Christmas 2010. WOW. Or how I read three books, which is 300% more than i've read in the last 6 months. WOW. Or when we got our new (used) tandem bike i tried to jump off the back intending on clearing the wheel well, but instead landed in the giant wire basket i forgot was there, thus marking my hamstrings with large black basket shaped reminders of how big of a spaz i am. WOW. Hopefully my neighbors were watching.

Hope you are equally enjoying the season!

team Boo 's you


abby said...

oh i am in PAIN looking at that! also in pain that i don't own a tandem bike.

Megan Marie said...

loving every post.

Renee said...

Merry Christmas! That bruise is the coolest.

Kelli Anderson said...

i totally dreamt that we hung out last night and TOTALLY hit it off! hahahahha we were carpooling around utah so we could take our families camping. random!

robin said...

that bruise is a work of art.

also, is that you on that bike? you look 14! (in a good way. you look 14 in a good way.)

that sonny is TOO cute. and i know this is so annoying (people say stuff like this to me all the time, but i have gone through developmental apraxia with macy so i know it's all more than "just a delay") but sawyer has NO words, either. not even "no" ... nothing. therapy, here we come!

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