better late than...even later

"Hey Late-y" in i'm late for most things. Not to be confused with "Lady" which is usually what people think i'm saying when i declare this.

Like how I had Sheamus's party one month late and am just now writing about it. (On Elyott's 5th birthday we had her birthday party in July. Her birthday is in January*) On Sheamus's birthDAY, since it was his "golden birthday", we gave him a golden trophy...naturally. Never mind that it was a baseball player that i scrounged it from a neighbor. He's a sucker for "gold th-wings". (Don't you just want to bite his cute face off when he talks!?)
(birthday "favor" coupons from Elyott)
Ok so a few months ago, one of my overachieving friends (who also, might i add, is never late) threw an amazing Lego party for her 6 year old. Complete with a homemade Lego pinata, Lego themed games, homemade Lego font banners, and custom actual lego piece invitations you have to put together to find out the deets of the party (which sheamus still has displayed proudly on his headboard) It was a perfectionist's dream! You know who you are...Jerkface*.

As his own birthday neared, Sheamus and I talked about what we could do for his party. He hinted that not only wanted his party to be Lego themed, he wanted it to be identical to this one.

Fast forward 4 weeks and 4 times the parental shame later, we finally threw him a last minute surprise party (a surprise to hopefully distract form the fact that we had zero plans and were a month late). Party invites were texted, no organized games were devised, a few balloons hung (that my Lego profesh friend did since i spazzed out at the last second, and called her to help me as if i had a latex allergy). I simply bought a lego cake and a bunch of lego mini-figures for the party guests to play tradesies, fingers crossed... 

Total flipping hit. 

I was the first party i wasn't a micromanaging maniac. At one point in the chaos of the party Sheamus motioned that he wanted to tell me something... and when i knelt down he whispered softly in my ear "thanks for my surprise party mom. i love it.And then it was set in stone...It really was the best party EVER (even if it wasn't). My boy was shyly beaming (in true Sheamus fashion) and my heart was a puddle on the floor.

What is the lesson here folks? To procrastinate and then do a crappy job when you execute your plans? To be an underachiever and then ridicule the strengths of the friends you absolutely admire?? To shelter your kids from other moms who are way more awesome than you are??? Tempting, but No. 

The lesson here is: 6 year olds don't give a crap about "flare" (as long as they get presents). My unwarranted advice: calm the H down and don't go all nut job sewing custom party favor bags until 1 in the morning for any child under the age of say...10. Because there is a good chance that instead of acknowledging your insane labors of love (and they are insane), they are probably only gonna remember that one time the blue Lego cake they ate turned their poop green.

Of course none of you will listen to this and you will continue planning your 1 year olds birthday circus extravaganza, complete with a petting zoo, and midgets. Its because, like addicts, we all have to come to this realization on our own. Just call me when you hit rock bottom, and we can swap our stories of crazy.

team Boo 's you

*E doesn't remember a thing. booyah.

*I am fully aware that this friend is reading this, and will never let me hear the end of it.

And finally (speaking of late) before I commit entirely to November, i have to share with you just how weird my kids are. This was the first year we actually carved pumpkins (as opposed to drawing on them with markers. Another one of my sweet "shortcuts") and they were basically gagging the whole time. Except for Sonny of course who ate the pumpkin guts right off the floor. Good times.


kira said...

My goodness Sheamus is so stinking adorable. Thanks for the pep talk on the parties. I have a couple of friends who went crazy all out for their kids 1st birthday parties. My daughter is only two months old and I was already thinking I needed to start planning it. I'm going to calm the H down :)

Taylor K said...

Sonny's face in the cake covered body photo is KILLING me. It made me laugh out loud. Let's have a caption game for that photo.

"What, you don't like to wear cake?"

"What, I was feeling blue."

"Stop judging me."

S and K said...

i am reading this.....we'll talk about this in person!!! :)

(although i might not admit it out loud but you do have a point and i acknowlege it whole heartedly... but i will most likely NEVER CHANGE!!!!)...its why you love me though! haha

Tippetts said...

I love Sheamus's hat! Also, my kids are the same way about pumpkin guts - weirdos!

Melissa said...

Haha! We live in a world of overachievers...hem hem! I think oftentimes we do these parties for the other moms to see how cool and talented WE are. We do love our kids and all, and want to spoil them, but that creates another monster. I agree with your lesson learned. It reminds me of all the council we've gotten lately about simplifying things. In our house we've always offered cash instead of a birthday party (except year one and two). Every year without fail they've taken the cash and spent the money I'd blow on disposable party stuff on things they want. Kids are funny. I hope this plan works for the weddings too...I'll surely be too exhausted by then to decorate a cultural hall with tulle. ;)

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