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We all remember the Alanis Morrisette "Irony" debacle of '95, and we've all second guessed our use use of the word since then. With that said, here are a few bits of my life in the last few weeks that may or may not be actual irony but are worth remembering:

My super ugly $9 anti-headache computer glasses that make me look like Winnie from Wonder Years (circle faces unite!) But the cool kids say really ugly things are just ironic enough to be cool. If that is true, these are just short of "ugly-enough" and really are actually just ugly. 
Sonny looks cute in them though...

I am finally taking a digital photography class, but I never take pictures of the things of my life anymore! Not even of the huge Halloween party I helped create last week...sad. On top of that, I never made it home to "freshen up" before it started so I was stuck in my running shoes, cut offs and mesh hat for the whole thing like a total idiot. Whenever I go through the trouble of making something look great I end up looking like a total freak.

For Halloween Adam dressed up like a pimp. He has a gold track suit that he pretty much wears every year on either Halloween (or for Christmas morning which is classy) He thought i should go as a prostitute, you we'd match...walking our KIDS around our neighborhood to trick or a pimp...and prostitute. Nice.
Instead I decided I would go as the late Amy Winehouse*. You know, big hair, thick eyeliner....obviously not a prostitute! All my neighbors thought I was a prostitute anyway. Shocker. In retrospect, i probably could have rebelled against his plan with a little more enthusiasm...a clown? maybe a unicorn? (Again no pictures)

Lastly...believe it or not, Sonny is actually watching Oprah here:

Just kidding he is totally watching Mickey Mouse Club House. 

team Boo 's you

*(I chickened out on the missing side teeth, i don't generally like spending time looking ugly on purpose. Only accidentally, on most days and with little to no effort.)


MaryPosa said...

Sonny is sweet as pie, but you know that already. And it's okay, I didn't get a picture of my Halloween costume either (the Green Lantern, or rather, me in a Green Lantern t-shirt.) but I'm positive you looked awesome, and not like a prostitute.

Renee said...

Clown prostitutes are probably a Thing too.

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