stuck in the moment.

two unprovoked moments:
(sheamus is his hat over hood "justin Beaver suit")

It seems these days (in our home) that unless a topic of conversation starts with a J and ends with an "ustin Bieber" it doesn't hold up. I have done my best to spare you the posts about the loooong (10 minute) car rides with the ipod on Biebs repeat...or the tiny place in my heart that he has branded his initials with his stupid tiny heart shaped pitch fork. It's not that things haven't been eventful, I just haven't made the time to carve recent memories into stone (the internet counts as "stone" right?...I had a Taiwanese neighbor named Stone a few years ago, and he was legit as the chicken neck bones that floated in the soup his wife often made for us, bless her heart). 

Okay so there may be other reasons for the blogging silence. Getting back to the gym regularly (twice counts?) Reading books that don't have pictures. A clingy teething baby (that still will not put even one ounce of food to his own mouth so that i have to hand feed every morsel into his 5th percentile bones) Not to mention Adam being back in full time school (stealing my laptop on a regular basis) reminds me of one of my favorite Jack handy quotes: 
"To me, it's always a good idea to always carry two sacks of something when you walk around. That way, if anybody says, 'Hey, can you give me a hand?' you can say, 'Sorry, got these sacks.'" 
In other words, when people ask me when i'm gonna blog again, i just shrug my shoulders and say " these sacks." Thats when it gets really awkward. Trust me, when i say Jack Handy quotes don't translate well in a literal sense. Still, it's more effective than trying to explain to a group of my very dubious and very non 12 year old friends that the Never Say Never movie was "actually really endearing"

So now you see that this period of silence was really a favor to your brains. I will probably lose 10 followers because of this lame post (those cold hearted snakes with their high reading standards and their "better things to do"). And if you are looking for a reason to blame this potential downward spiral of mine (ie. i actually ate a reheated baggie of Sonny's scrambled eggs today...for dinner!) i am quite confident it can be traced back to that sneaky pouty faced angel we all know...and sing along to. Curse you Justin "Beaver"! Somehow i want to see more you and then none of you. forever.

team Boo 's you


The McGraths said...

How are you NOT dying with laughter while you video? That is hilarious! I would still love to get together with you and catch up on the last 10 years... but maybe we'll have to wait till summer? or next fall break in Rocky Point? You are such a good little mama!

Brissa said...

It's okay. I love the Biebs to the top of my heart too. Especially after that Glee episode on the little heartthrob. Is the movie really that amazing? I keep hearing people cry over its beauty but I'm worried the excessive hair flips will give me whiplash.

cara. said...

i don't have words.

margaret said...

sheamus is a viral sensation on my facebook! but everyone is dying to know where he got that hat!!!

littlegypsy. said...

hilarious!!!! you're a lucky girl.

Renee said...

I get it. Oh how I get it. The Beaver is all the rage around here. (Never thought I'd say that sentence....again....) But, like Beibs says, Never Say Never. Even though the doctor assured me I could.

What am I saying again? Oh right, you're kids are the best. And welcome back. And those sacks work for me. (My husband would kill me if I made that last sentence funny for you.)

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