boo does Europe (in 6 minutes)

The last day of our trip we rented a car and braved the opposite day roads of the English countryside. It was both incredible and terrifying. You have to understand I am used to seeing cacti and monochromatic tan when i drive, so this just seemed too amazing to be real. Also I can count the number of times on one hand that I have seen my step dad get mad, and the best ones are definitely while in the car. Like once when my brother kept hitting the back of his chair with one of those blow up hammers and finally, in one fail swoop, he yanked it out of his hands and ripped it open with his teeth. It was awesome, and we'll never let him live it down. He was a bit stressed driving unfamiliar roads in an unfamiliar car on the wrong side of the car and street, but he drove like a champ and we all made it out unscathed. hooray.

We drove up to York and had a blast visiting some of my moms cousins, and then to Derbyshire to find my mom's childhood home. The owners were so nice and showed us all around. I know it meant a lot to my mom and was a sweet and meaningful way to round out the trip. Go to England! (also take me with you) It is the tits.
Does it make me a b-hole if i secretly cringe when people ask me about my vacations? It's not that i mind sharing, it's just the generic question "how was your trip?" (especially when i'm up to my face in laundry) Plus I can't tell if you actually really want to know that i ran out of socks half way in and had to keep washing them in the hotel sink, or if you just want to know that it was "awesome" so you can roll your eyes whenever i complain about life. You know, we all have our things - and as long as were telling secrets, i also hate calls on my birthday. boo. My point is, i'm glad i have this blog to save me from being annoyed with you, and for you to censor the details you don't give a crap about :)

It is inevitable that i will be kicking myself after every trip wishing i had taken more video footage. I'm sad I had to flesh this one out so much with slideshow...but what's done is done. 

Of course there is really no way to express my gratitude fully, this video is my "thank you" to my awesome parents who made this amazing trip happen. I love you guys! thank you thank you thank you thank you.....have a nice day.

boo does Europe from team boo on Vimeo.

How sick are you (carly) of hearing about my kid free Europe trip? This is the last post i promise, but feel free to watch on repeat while you secretly (openly?) hate my guts.

team Boo 's you


Renee said...

Such a great video. I love when you were scanning the crowd, and briefly stopped on Naked Statue. Subtle, but just my kind of Funny.

Also, how come you guys didn't help that Italian guy who was trapped in the box? Oh, right. Documentary filmmaking. I get it.

ArizonaLewis said...

this reminds me sooooooo much of the time i never went to europe with my english mum in my orange suede booties.

that male dancer in the white suit looks exactly like brandon when he's in the mood to make babies.

nooch to you and your kin.

communikate. said...

i love your videos! great music and great photos!

man. i want to go back.

abby said...

Shut up, your mom grew up in that house? Nooooooo fairrrrrrrr. I love this Europe + Carolyn thing though.

kelly said...

man, is that first picture for real? The trip looked like a blast. Isn't it funny how when you post about a trip like this a few times in a row and you think people are going to barf on their keyboard? I loved every second of it and I didn't throw up once.
Stop apologizing you stupe.

i made the cross over to cherry coke zero. I'm never looking back.

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