family Jeopardy

This year for Adam's sibling family reunion we played a family Jeopardy game (a.k.a. Dikefest 2011). Clearly I looked nothing like Alex Trebec, but I was able to create a similarly cheesy game show host effect by fashion a toupee-like coif with my two toned hair*. Some of the younger contestants didn't even know it was me (ha! kids can be so dumb). 

If you have a family gathering coming this game! You won't regret it. It took a little preparation, but between Facebook and a few peeks off of Grandma's ole' genealogy records, I was able to find some good info. Like a jerk, you might get an occasional fact wrong or start to sweat uncharacteristically, so you must be prepared to improvise. It's just fun, don't over think it. 

To get your ball rolling here are the categories we used:

-Odd man out (groups of family members and they figure out who is missing)
-Blogos (I show a picture, they name who the blog header or business logo pertains to)
-You're Hired (I say a job title, they tell me which family member has worked that job. This one was funny...the things people do to get by)
-Triple Bull Whip (I say the nickname(s) they tell me which family members it is. this one is fun for the kids)
-M.A.S.H (i show you the initials they give the full name of the person they think it is)
-It's a Date! (i show a date, they name why it's significant...birthday, anniversary etc.)
-Whiskers on Kittens (I show a group of favorite things - they guess who's they are)
-Eye see you (I show picture of a pair of eyes they name who they belong to...this is a favorite. kids rock at this one)

*It is not required that the host look like an idiot to have fun, but it helps!
team Boo 's you


Brissa said...

i thought you were going for a bieber look...
this game sounds like a lot of fun. but it's probably due to the fact that your family sounds like a lot of fun. you've got the good life.

Carrie Rosalind said...

Brilliant! This looks like SO much head is swimming with all the possibilities now!

Renee said...

Doing this for our Vanny Staycation. Will give you full credit.

Did you divide people into teams, or was it just free-for all?

abby said...

I love this! You are so creative. My brother was actually on Jeopardy once upon a time, so my family really needs to do this!

robin said...

what a GREAt idea! does it hurt to be so creative?

teamBoo said...

Renee- We divided into three teams. But you'll need team captains who can answer for the group just incase none of the three contestants know the answer. Otherwise it gets a little crazy

I should've probably noted that I got the ideas from my much more creative step sister Carly (who is a family gathering ninja...and btw should have a blog but reads books and learns languages and stuff instead) who got it from my equally creative step mom who got it from the people who made Alex trebec.

adora muse said...

that looks really fun! love your look!

Megan Marie said...

LOVE this idea! thanks for sharing!

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