little heart desires.

Tonight my kids yearned.
...SO specifically.

Individual night-time prayers included the following:
Sheamus- "Heavenly Father, We the people of the United States wish to be happy!"

Elyott- "Please please help our family to not get any bruises. And help us to teach Sonny good things 'such as': that to do a good 'butt bomb' you have to lean far forward (when you jump on the trampoline).

Sonny: yearned to feed the Hippos.
For about 2 hours.
He fed and fed those hungry little hippos.
His therapist would say that this was an awfully "autistic" thing to do. 
But how could any mother pry her boy away from those hipps? 
They are SO hungry after all. 

team Boo 's you


Taylin said...

Kids prayers are so from the heart!! Is your house pink (in the picture of Sheamus)??? I hope so! Because a pink house would be fun!

kelly said...

little kid prayers are the stuff of gold. comedy gold.

abby said...

Your kids are my favorite.

Megan Marie said...

love your outlook. always. love this blog.

Just A Touch Of Crazy said...

I'm going blog surfing tonight and your blog has had me laughing! These yearns of your kiddos are awesome!

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