oh the irony!

...My sister came over today and I was telling her about sweetest comments i've received since Taza linked me on her blog last night.   We quickly got to laughing about just how wildly scummy i look today..."if they could only see you now!" she teased.

i gotta say...i was a little shy and ashamed at the fact that as i scoured over your words, not only was my armpit hair poking into my upper arm, but i didn't even have a bra on my body until like 1:30! {breaking a sad and simple new years goal}  But I had been captivated in blogging la la land when it hit me...i haven't even showered.. for like, three days!!

My life is so realistically unglamorous. A point that is solidified by the fact that as i type this, i've just learned that my son just majorly pooped his pants. no joke. My husband has summoned my help, and by "help" he will surely mean "can you do this instead of me please so i don't DRY HEAVE my face off?" {since moms have stomachs of steel you know}

i was right.

Just like that....a reality check that got me to finally shower! "Oh Universe! (lightly punching its imaginary shoulder) got me. AGAIN!" {but perhaps a more subtle hint next time}

Anyway the best part is all of the adorable blogs i've found, like this one ...and this one ! I am amazed at all the kind words and talent of those who said hello {thank you!!}, and i've spent the better part of the day responding to as many of you as i can. However, in the interest of full disclosure, i feel its only fair to confess: I am lame sometimes. As women, we tend to torture ourselves with comparisons {myself included} so i want to admit: as much as i love the beautiful romantic things i find through blogging, sometimes my cynical side wants to figuratively blow myself to the moon if i see one more blog post about dandelions or "potty training success!" { i'm bitter?? from this, this ..or perhaps this ?} k wait, i guess i do it too ;)

Either all are the biggity-best.
{art by Elyott}

heres to keeping it real!


camille said...
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Brittany said...

I of course came across your blog threw the rockstar, and I love it. You and your family are so cute. I will definetly be coming back!

Thanks Brittany

Brooke W said...

luckily my boobs are small enough that a bra is not always necessary. love the art. and way to keep it real. blogging sometimes gets me frustrated like, um why am I not that cute/creative/funny/inventive etc.

camille said...

I love your blog! You and your family are adorable.

p.s. don't feel too bad about the bra thing. The only put one on because I have to go out and face people...and sometimes that's not even reason enough; a large hoodie is all you need to solve that problem :)

cara. said...

yay a link! you are awesome!

today i found myself describing who you seem to be via your blog. i broke out in hysterics at your mom's clown costume and "i eat babies" make up & dressing your infant in build a bear. yes i read that far. and i'm not apologetic though i do feel crazy.

yes bed rest but not "full fledged". i guess they only do modified now as blood clots are a big fan of you not moving around.

anyways, the thing i said was "i love that this woman has not forfeited her personality just because she has kids--she's still incredibly interesting and has opinions and you can tell her kids benefit tremendously from it"

you're doing amazing.

nicole addison said...

haha! i'm so glad naomi featured you, i've found my favorite blog through her! you are adorable and your family is so precious! that post made me laugh, thank you! and i agree with you on EVERYTHING you posted. i need to make some mid-year resolutions myself!

Anonymous said...

I found your blog through Rockstar Diaries too & don't worry - no matter how cute & adorable your family is anyone who is a Mum knows the truth that lies behind every cute & adorable family. My adorable daughter got me up every hour last night and my husband has to often remind me to shower but No I will not post bad photos of myself on my blog because, well, it's my blog and I play by my rules! :)

Brooke said...

The Bra thing I completely understand! HaHa! Your blog is too funny! Love your honesty and charm!

Deborah said...

so, are you like famous now!? sweet! i have to say i feel pretty special to have a celebrity friend. i always told you your blog is hilarious and super creative. just glad to see that everyone else is finally figuring it out.

Lindsay said...

I hate wearing bras too..Darn boobs!

Anne said...

So maybe I spent 4 hours I should have been hard at work yesterday scouring your archives. You and your family are quite delightful!

Ginnie said...

Ummmm, I love it!

Tegan said...

howdy :)
i just found your blog via krista&ryan, and WOW oh WOW! only having read this post... i know.... oh, i know... that this blog is gonna be my ALL TIME FAV!
seriously, i didn't stop smiling. i am just going to have to adopt your way of blogging - cos i am LOVING the emphasis of words by italicising and size, etc... you are AMAZING - and yes, i reserve the right to make a full blown judgement of you from one blog post :D

i will definitely be back soon :)

...oh and btw, {THANKYOU} for putting a smile on my dile! some days that's not so easy.. so {THANKYOU}!

Meghan said...

I love your blog!! So glad i stumbbled across it. xoox

Jackie said...

Potty training "success" is something that has eluded us here too. Just yesterday one of my girls handed me her poop...'it's gross and I don't want it in my diaper" she says. But she still wont poop on the pot! Thanks for letting me vent. :)

mary elizabeth said...

yes, thanks to taza, i am one of the many who came over to check you out (in a non-pervy way of course... "check you out" sounds so pervy, no?)

i absolutely adore your blog. your family is beautiful + your posts hilarious and fabulous. thanks for keeping it real!

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