Today we celebrated a small step for me, a giant step for Elyott....
Why the celebration? About an hour before school was to let out yesterday my darling Elyott was the subject of a phone call from her teacher.  Elyott needed "a new pair of pants" this being the fourth time out of the...what, 10 days of school so far that she's had "an accident".  The other issue being she "pushed jayden down" and "slapped Deanna across the face!" (in two separate incidences mind you). 
Now i know this sweet girl of mine is a sassafrass, but that is just down right trailer park scrappy.  At home we talked about self control and personal choices, she was regretful and sobbed (of course), overwhelmed at "alllll the things that she had to remember the next day!!" all of them being:
1. go to the bathroom when your bottom says "go!"
2. don't slap people across the face.
Sounded easy enough, but for extra motivation i threw in a sweet treat if she could do it. Sure enough...Dry pants + No cat fights = Chocolate frosty from Wendy's...and only about 150 more school days to go!
...oh to be 5 again :)


The Payne family said...

Not to laugh at little girls beating each other up but haha! What are you teaching that girl? jk. Elyott is awesome.

Eric and Addie said...

I can not picture sweet little Elyott acting that way, those kids must of been acting super naughty.
I had to tell you that I copied you and put my music list at the top. I love how you had that, hope you don't mind.
Oh tell Elyott, if she wants a frosty she can hang out with me and we go like every day:)

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