30 Rock my world

Last night as i got ready for bed, very aware of my twice deflated flap jacks hanging in my pajamas (that my sweet husband had earlier referred to as "something a 'fat' person would wear"...awwwww :)  i brushed my teeth, and got to thinking of just how much i love Tina Fey (and also my husband still...despite the atrocious things he sometimes blurts out)....So why would this sad scene ever remind me of Tina Fey??

I will tell you why, because she is awesome. And because she makes jokes at her own expense, and has a giant picture of cafeteria food in her office, and because she sang a Little Orphan Annie song while eating a turkey sandwich, alone in that same office, with lettuce in her hair. 

Then i thought of how much i crave 30 rock starting again {oct 30th on NBC yee haw!!!} and how if i were to meet her i'd probably try to kiss her on the mouth. But not in a lustful way, but rather a "crazed fan" kind of way ;)

Teeth brushed, pathetically low bosom, and an extra kick in my step knowing that i am allowed to be flawed...Thanks to tina.  (and also cause 30 ROCK got picked up for another season just to light up my life :) Watch it.

...Alec Baldwin ain't too shabby either.


Rachael Earl said...

LOVE her. Thankfully, we had Baby Mama to tide us over in the brief hiatus from 30 Rock. I saw it like 50 times. (Actually, I think it was only once.)

Andrea and Blake said...

you are too funny, and I've never watched 30 Rock - I heard Jennifer Aniston is going to be on that show... I'm home a lot so if you want to stop by just call me

Christopher said...

Do you care for your kids anymore or do you just blog??? Ad to the dic to the t.

Rachael Black said...

Thanks for making me laugh. We share cynicism. I love your humorous ways to cope with life...real, true, life. I came over for Nie's blog. Found Nie on the Nesters blog ( I'm adding you to my daily list. Keep laughing and we all will do the same!

Connie said...

this post needs an award, or chocolate coin or something. You are hilarious!

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