dr. "feel good"

(no, not that kind of "dr. feel good")
this kind...
welcome to the Feel Good Store where Elyott will...
 help you "relax and be warm with a towel"
 hang "beautiful butterflies over your face"
 "feel good your head" (w/octopus scratcher)
 "massage you" (a.k.a. walk on your back)
"I want a job for make people feel good...i do feel good things 'cause i know lots of feel good stuff!" (elyott)
It wasn't until after i felt good that she informed me i owed her $10!!!...(what a sneaker) but boy did i feel gooooood! 
(also I recently overheard her telling our friend Jason, "i made a feel good store in the closet. My mom and dad like to do feel good things there" uuuuummmm....we had to clarify.)
thank you my love :)

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