the coops.

I am so-ho-oh ready for AZ to not be hotter than the hellish core of the earth , for my family is not only getting cabin fever but possibly even a Vitamin D deficiency. Therefor, despite the heat, we forced ourselves on a bike outing to the neighborhood Farm Grill.  
My clever 2 year old insisted on riding his tricycle, dragging the potentially 2 minute bike ride into a 30 minute quality family adventure (to save time, i considered hitting myself in the crotch with a brick, throwing his bike in my baby trailer, and skipping the drawn out stop 'n go torture every 5 seconds, and that was just to get there!)...however his innocently sweet dialogue kept my spirits softened for i don't think he stopped his enthusiastic one liners the whole way (with a "lisp" to make it all that much more adorable...for example, practically without pausing for air:
"i thso fastht mom, I'n a Sthuperman! hey guyths wait for me, wait for me, wait for me dad. i'n stho fastht. don't leave me.  This is stho fun!!  Dad you're my best friend...thiths iths stho fun!! I'm stho fast, wait for me guyths, mom this is you're my bethst friend! we're almost there! wait for me guys, thiths isth so fun!! more than get the point. How can you be annoyed at such a sweetheart, besides by the end my crotch bone was numb anyway ;) and when we got was just good food and white lights at dusk with my "besties".  
(also, i apparently need new shoes.)
take that hot lava air!

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Christopher said...

I kind of want to be adopted into your family. Or have Sheamus as my own child.

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