happy lemons

Let us all show the "haters" that happiness is a choice. In this heavy world, seeking out the beauty and humor in small things helps us keep our sense of proportion. 

Inspired my current read, Happiness for Two , and this blog here are some little random things that make me happy:

-chubby baby thighs
-the evening after a long run 
-fresh sheets
-overcast Saturdays
-reading in bed  
-old school photo booths
-Handsome Bob
-pulling weeds while my kids play in the yard
-popsicle stained tummies
-wind chimes
-movies w/Shia Lebouf
-having time for 3 "snooze" pushes
-little kid british accents
-arrested development dvds   

Here's to enjoying life in our own way!


m. estelle said...

i love this.
the end.

Tara said...

Found your blog off rockstar diaries. You and your little family are too cute!I enjoyed checking out your blog!

Brandilyn said...

linked to you from rockstar diaries...your blog is cute and your family's cuter! thanks for making me smile tonight. and let me know if you ever need punctuation help, i'm totally awesome with that stuff. :) happy blogging! -brandilyn

Brooke said...

Soooo... I love your blog! I pretty much read through the whole thing... Swear I'm not a freak. I love your post about forever 21 and the sizes!! I almost peed my pants!! So True!

{quixotic.elizabeth} said...

So, I just came across your blog (yes I read taza's too!) and I must thank you for being so hilarious. Seriously. And your family is so adorable!

cara. said...

yes rockstar diaries. . . you are freaking hilarious. love how much you enjoy your family--on a crazy verge of starting my own here shortly. due in june.

anyways, appreciated the funnies as i cope with the woes of being fat and bed rested. thanks!

jodi said...

If i could i would have fresh sheets every night. sweet blog

Alexia said...

I love the interpretive dance sequence! Your daughter is incredibly graceful. Does she do dance? If not, she should!

A lot of people lose their funkiness when they become parents; thanks for the hope, woman!

Sara said...

I was introduced to your blog by a friend and I am ever so pleased that I stopped by! And who doesn't love fat baby thighs? I mean, you just want to make tiny sandwiches out of them.

homemade grits said...

Enjoyed your blog! Sweet family!!

Lindsay said...

I linked here from Rockstar Diaries and couldn't stop reading. You are hilarious and your family is adorable!

Krista said...

linked to you from rockstar diaries. what a fun & refreshing blog and family! would you mind if i shared that photo booth picture taza had on hers? that's such a great idea!

Lisa ann D. said...

I, too, came from rockstar diaries. Your kids are adorable and your list was good, too. If I ever have a girl, I would like to name her Elliot.

Grace Like Kelly said...

What a perfect way to start my day....I loved reading your blog...and your post, it makes me sooo happy. Cheers to the little things!

{quixotic.elizabeth} said...

Oh my! It's the Rockstar Bump! Just came back to check your blog & saw you've gone from 5 to 32 followers in a night!

Jackie said...

Cute blog! I'm so glad Taza linked to you! I'm a fan of Shia Lebouf as well. :)

Ann said...

visiting via taza!

lOvE your blog...will be back!

Ann in SC

Brooke W said...

found your blog through Taza and Husband. Like a lot did I guess. Love your blog, you are adorable and pretty. Your kids are too cute for words and I loved looking through your blog. I spent all of naptime looking through your blog when I should have been doing laundry. I love finding new blog friends.

geri said...

love your darling blog.


(i also love your sub-head. clever.)

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