post partum entertainment

this is me indulging heather's wishes... 1. where is your favorite place to people watch? - Disneyland...Crazy parents with their front butts, and all those horrible Character shirts. 2. where is the best place to get a soda? - QT. Their "turd" ice is way turdier than Sonic's. 3. what's your nickname for your inlaws? - Adam affectionately refers to them as Jeannie and Spence Nuts 4. what celebrity do you least resemble? - Flava Flave.  He's a celebrity, right? 5. if you got to watch your husband make out with another man, who would it be? - To avoid destroying any of my personal fantasies, it would have to be someone horrible and awesome like...Mario Lopez or Nicolette Sheridan (or should i say "NICK"...who's not fooling anyone.).  6. if you had to hit one animal with your car, what would it be? - a ferret 7. tell us about the sweatiest day of your life: - every night while i sleep. (and the drool doesn't help either) 8. what is the worst outfit you've ever worn? - my last minute wedding dress.  I had to go Braless with size H knockers {Lesson learned: Abstinence before marriage.} 9. if you had to spend $10 at Home Depot, what would you buy? - Spray paint and a 3 King size Milky Ways  10. please post a very happy picture of yourself:
{you said happy, not cute} *by the way...sheamus just climbed up on my lap and said {referring to this picture}:
S: "Can i see his dress? {giggling} He looks so silly!  What is his name?
ME: No honey, that's mommy :)
S: Her is so bad!


ArizonaLewis said...

amazing. top to bottem perfection.
but really, who is thst funny little boy?

Christopher said...

Can I have sheamus?

Carolyn said...

You mean MY funny little boy...or the funny little "boy" in the teddy bear heart ensemble??

Really though, i'm afraid future children will seem lame after Sheamus.

Cory, Jenna and Calvin Broadbent said...

Hi. I hope I'm not coming on too strong. Heather and I were discussing how you are hilarious and we want to be friends. Can we please, the three of us go on a blind date? We want to go to Pink Taco, talk about front bottoms, and make a blood pact to be BFFs forever. Too strong?

When you've made your decision, just open your bedroom blinds and tell me. I'll be standing there watching you sleep. In the pouring rain. With drippy mascara and a trenchcoat.

Buffalo Gal said...

Couldn't stop laughing!!! Sheamus, f-ing cute!

Carolyn said...

So that was you with the boom box then? Classy move.

oh the pressure! I think i may have thoroughly fooled you both. I am not cool in real life. My little brother reminds me of this often.

I'm down...but don't say i didn't warn youuuuu {make sure you sang that last part}.

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