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Dear Husband 
In case you were wanting to get me another present besides the fabulous one you have already picked out on your own {wink wink}, here are a few items that would make my heart sing come my morning of breakfast in bed {in exactly 14 days from today}.  And since you SO hate to see my birthday overshadowed by a larger and drastically more important "holiday" {clears throat}...Thanksgiving, i thought i would make it easy and share each idea in order of "wanting" (1 being lust, 5 being would relieve my guilt of just buying it myself ;) with a one click link for your convenience.  Thank you my dear...i love it already!
JK. these are $400. And though i would LOVE you...i'd have to kill you :)
2. New art...
(cause we so are}
found here 
3. the Holga
this is only #3 because of price {perhaps would be better suited for xmas, eh?}
lookie here 
look here. 
5. Rose Linen Water
aaaand here. 
{don't forget the spray nozzle my love!}

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