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Even if i can't participate in fall, i can still play Halloween, right? This picture is my official kick off for this month that i've come to know as "October-when-so-much-is-planned-i-probably-won't-even-get-to-change-my-clothes-let-alone-enjoy-the-festivities-month." Ahhh it's gonna be a crazy. 

Something i always remember though: eating. I wish i were one of those people that just forgot to eat when things got too busy ("oh whoopsie, i just lost 5 pounds chasing my kids around"...nobody is buying it Hollywood). Not me though. I'd be more likely to successfully eat a meatball sub with my (freak of nature) feet, standing on a ladder, with a nail gun, while nursing my kid, than to accidentally go without food. It's both a blessing and a curse. 

Anyway, i will do my best to fill you in on my doings. Here are a few things I will be working on...
-decorate for halloween before chaos ensues
-sheamus birthday party
-mexico with Gma & Gpa Peterson
-our 8th anniversary
-sister stephanie's baby shower
-in charge of church halloween party decor ('06)

Don't get your hopes too high, most of these will be half A'd this year. I just got tooo many babies that keep wanting me to pay attention to them and stuff :) I'm gonna be a chicken with my head cut off.  Wish me luck.

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Emily Frame said...

just letting you know you're going to get a defenseless picture of hayes - not sure when. maybe years from now. but you will.

Michelle said...

daaang! I knew we were getting too spoiled with posts for it to last forever!! ;)

Jamie said...

I just found your blog on TBB! It's awesome! I look forward to following along! The holiday season feels like it's kicking off in full swing...let the chaos begin :)
Beneath the Acacia Tree

communikate. said...

oh man. glad to know i'm not the only one who doesn't forgot to eat even at the most stressful moments in life.

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