and i was like, baby baby baby ooooooh

My sister steph finally had her little muchkin! (That makes two for her now) Hopefully people will stop thinking I am the oldest sister since i have "all the kids". I'm the youngest sister, and technically my other older sister has one fetus more than me (cause she is preg and i'm not).

It's because i'm so wise.

Happy Birthday "Sweetie Peetie"
(aka: peter christopher kubal
born 11/15/10)
We've almost gotten all the "pumpkin eater" jokes out of our systems...or the stroking of his little head saying "pretty bird" (the duct tape headed bird on dumb and dumber was "peetie")...almost. There are no free passes into this family...everyone has to pay their dues ;)

team Boo 's you


Michelle said...

Lisa's pregnant?!

What a cute baby boy! I hadn't heard through the grapevine yet that Steph had her baby!

abby said...

i'm dying over "pretty bird." cute baby!

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