robo hair flip

Geoff made me do it.
I was like the tin man...and head twirling was my "oil can".
myspace graphic is done on

p.s. this dress is a vintage find (by my sister). 
sorry charlies.
team Boo 's you


chelsey meyer said...

geeee i'm so glad you're blogging a lot again, also i'm maaaaaaad jealous of your hair.

kathleen said...

i just keep singing " i whip my hair back and forth i whip my hair!"
ps- the dress is a good find. keep that sister.

communikate. said...

love that dress.

cara. said...

i LOVE it. i also love that you are real life friends with the stoeffery. you guys were destined. hilarity, i'm certain.

angela hardison said...

that is awesome. so is the dress.

& your blog is hilarious.

Bridget said...

how is this only my first time here? im sooo following.

Emily Frame said...


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