when funny trumps sanitary

We are taking care of my parents dog for a little while.

Now, I'm not really an animal person, but it's been ideal because he's pretty mellow and already fully trained. Which is good cause dogs that chew up poopy diapers and stuff really make me want to abuse things. Typically i keep Sonny and doggie pretty separate cause I don't really trust dogs (also dogs lick their privates and my baby is clean and i kiss his face with my own mouth) but you know me, I can't resist a genuine defenseless babies moment...

worth it.
I'm pretty sure i would have fully thrown up.

Don't fret, i sprayed Sonny down with the hose afterward ;)

team Boo 's you


Brissa said...

hahaha. I love how he gagged after the dog attack. So cute.

geri e. said...

poor little fella! I would have gagged too. :)

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