{a christmas present for Elyott}
With a roughly a month to go and 2 cm dilated... doctor says I need to "take it easy"
ha :)
All things considered, that may be tricky.
Now housework is not only bad for morale (?),
but also a crime against my uterus.
(...yet a longer pregnancy = a crime against my thighs)
unfortunately, I think uterus always trumps thighs.
I am crossing my fingers for two more weeks of pregnancy.
(as backward as that sounds with all this frigging heartburn)
between his gimp arm and his catheter arm, Adam can't lift over ten pounds.
...that makes for a lame new-baby-helper.
(wa wah wah, i know)
Wish us luck!
team boo 's you


Christina said...

Another beautiful + smiling bundle of joy coming into the world soon via your uterus...Good luck for a healthy and will-be-so-much-loved-and-adored baby!

Michelle said...

oh goodness you have lots to deal with!

I hope the baby is nice and comfy in his current home and won't try to leave too early!

Hopefully adam gets better quickly! I'm so glad that he could come home!

Sara said...

I'll think happy thoughts for your uterus and the gingersnap inside it.

robin said...


i'm ready NOW. right now my comfort trumps my uterus.

Kera said...

i can't wait for this new little bundle. miss you{r} more frequent posts. but i'm fine. i understand. you are making something.

GloamingDesigns said...

oh my gosh - it's so close! fingers crossed with you for those 2 more weeks!

moonshinejunkyard said...

GOOD LUCK! Those nesting dolls are freaking adorableness. You guys are such a rad fam...i hope you can all feel better soon!

kelly said...

those homemade nesting dolls are killing me. dead.
ah, the finish line, it always sounds the same, doesn't it? hang in there.

Andrea and Blake said...

it was great seeing you the other day! wish I was at the end of my pregoness, happy for you guys and can't wait to here the name! You always come up with something great...hope adam gets well soon

Caroline said...

I can't wait to see this new bundle of joy!! Wishing you the best!! xo

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