hey guys, incase you were feeling fat or something..

....guess who is 15 pounds heavier than her 6' 3" husband and has two thumbs?
this girl.
(curse you universe.)
In MY defense...he did just get released from a nine day hospital stay.
In HIS defense....he did just get released from a nine day hospital stay.
but still.
I've switched from saddle walking to more of a "duck walk"
which isn't to say I am not rocking that duck walk.
but walking duck-ish nevertheless.
luckily he loves me just the same, maybe more :) boo 's you


Megan Lofgran said...

I have to say that is the meanest trick up mother natures sleeve. Happens to me every time. I guess thats what we get for marrying slim jims!

Sara said...

That's got to be a pretty sexy duck walk.

Glad your husband is out of the hospital!

cara. said...

high five! babe will be here before you know it!

Michelle said...

I love the twinkle you put in your picture!

....and Adam is just a super skinny-minnie. Because you are still super skinny besides the whole baby in the womb thing happening there.

I hope when I am pregnant I look half as good as you do! And not rock, but maybe pull off, a duck walk?

communikate. said...

You're gorgeous, and I"m assuming your husband must be SKINNY because you look tiny! :)

{better than candy} said...

happy to hear he's out of the hospital! xo.

robin said...

i totally waddle and i don't care who knows it!

oh, and i've got my husband by 30 pounds. rock on.

Anna M said...

I had my baby 2 months ago TOday and I bet I am still heavier than both of you... top that!

good luck to you

medical problems SUCK!

Chandra said...

You can't make a post about being fat until you weigh 50 pounds more than your husband, you aren't pregnant, and your husband isn't super skinny (in fact some people may even say he is chubby). When all of that happens you can get back to me. LOL

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