children's hopes that my kids will be at least a little smarter than me ;)

Since this is Baby #3, this time around, I have asked only for hardcover books for our library stash [yes, I'm a bit of a paperback snob] In this economy, i'd feel like a total jackhole if I were to indulge in buying all the books i covet [and i would be] but here are a few authors always on the tippy top of my a few others I think your should have ;)
also Little Pea (which i have), and Little Oink. of napping house (have it) and King Bedgood (want it)

...another classic my library has failed to accumulate is Alexander and the Very Bad no Good Horrible Day (by the same author)

...cause we all need a good british accent in our reading

all of her books are so good, but oddly illustrated for too young of an audience.

(plus you are automatically awesome if your first name is "crockett")

These ones we have, and I absolutely love.
...a childhood favorite that is extremely hard to find in good book is on its last leg
(i maybe don't even let my kids hold it :)

...about being a friend.

...about hopes and dreams!!
(Mo? Dallas?...again with the cute names.)

Besides the obvious classics...what are some of your uncommon finds?

and as boo 's you


Tracey said...

Definitely going to check these out! "Duck! Rabbit!" by Amy Krouse Rosenthal is a big hit with our 3 year old.

Buffalo Gal said...

i love "the boy who wouldn't eat his breakfast"! how did you manage to skip off with all of our awesome childhood books??

robin said...

i love 'click clack moo: cows that type'. i laugh every time i read it.

some of my other favorites, though not too uncommon:

i'm a fan of olivia (especially because she reminds me so much of my first-born.)

i love barbara cooney ("ox cart man", "miss rumphius") and don freeman books ("dandelion" is my favorite.)

and, being a mom of girls, i have to mention "pinkalicious" (which i thought i would hate, but it's grown on me), and the "fancy nancy" series.

oh, and "king bidgood" is awesome. get it.

i feel passionately about children's books. what a nerd. my most favorite college class was children's literature. i think it changed my life.

i spent a long time last night organizing our book shelf by size and shape, while my husband made fun of me. i can't help it! they're little treasures. they must be taken care of.

wow, i'm rambling...

Carolyn said...

Just the Boy who wouldn't eat his was in a book heap in the bottom of Spencer's closet getting trashed. It needed rescue :)

I bought my own copy of Lonely doll on Amazon. Marlee needs a copy of her own.

thanks for the suggestions Robin!

{quixotic.elizabeth} said...

I love kids books!! I must say, I've always found Jamie Lee Curtis a little strange but her books are soooo good! Is There Really a Human Race and Big Words for Small People are two of my favorites!

A few other kids books you may (or may not) like:
Click Clack Moo
The Curious Garden
There are monsters everywhere

Kim and the Fam said...

is there really anything better than chldrens books?

some of these I've never heard of so I'm excited to check them out. I think I might just like them more than my children!

oh and of course since you've got british accent might as well include spanish and add the Skippy Jon Jones books to the collection. They are fun for kids to listen too as long as you can swing the strong mexican accent (think Nacho Libre)!

Anonymous said...

I heart Freckleface Strawberry by Julianne Moore. But its probably because I married a frecklefaced strawberry and hope for little minis of him who I can read it too one day!!

Holloway bunch said...

Hi. First time commenter here. Thanks for all the great book ideas! Right now my children love, love, love "Ten Tiny Tickles" by Karen Katz. They also love two other books of hers, "Counting Christmas" and "Counting kisses". I think our all time favorite though is "Goodnight Gorilla" by Peggy Rathman.

littlegypsy. said...

I love all the Mo Willems books!
Also, "Mouse in Love" by Robert Kraus, "Everything Under a Mushroom" by Ruth Krauss, and the series of "This is..." books by Miroslav Sasek.

Anonymous said...

these i have never seen before. thanks for the recommendation! i'm always looking for new books for etta!

Karen said...

What about, Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus? It is a wonderful book.

Renee said...

"Dinosaur vs. Bedtime", because roaring before you go to sleep is exactly the kind of mom I always wanted to be.

Great post!

Sara said...

What child doesn't want to eat breakfast???

I'll eat it.

Leeshy said...

I just got piggies for my lil girl.

Love it! Great book choices.


MaryPosa said...

I have a copy of Professor Wormbog and the search for the Zipperumpazoo by Mercer Mayer(i'm certain i've completely obliterated the spelling there...) And it lives on the top shelf and only comes out on special occasions. Unlike my 3 copies of Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb. 3 copies because one has been torn, one has been Sharpie-d and the other has been both torn AND Sharpie-d.

By the way. I totally blog stalk you and secretly dream of being friends.

Carolyn said...

guys, you are the best! I got so many great books for my baby shower and so many good recommendations here.

With all this excitement, I could start a blog just about childrens' books!!!

but then i would be really lame.

Michelle said...

I loved the Ballerina Shoes book and the Bernstein bears when I was little! And this is probably older than you were asking about, but seriously the Little House on the Prairie books have changed my life. I learned sooo much from those.

And thanks so much for your lovely words about my baptism and being there for me! I'm so excited for it! I actually just got off the phone with Auntie Virginia and it was so wonderful to be able to tell her about it!

Hope to see you soonn and that all is well with you!

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing these!!!

Laura said...

Oh! The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson. You MUST get that!

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