elephant in the room

{Banksy’s “Elephant,” 2006}
I can't hide it anymore.
I now walk like i've been in a saddle all day.
but in my feels like i got hit in the crotch with a bat.
this post is mostly cause i know how sick you are of seeing my christmas tree when my page loads. I have lost that blogging feeling lately. But maybe I'm doing you a favor by resisting to post all my heartburn and sleeping woes....and profile shots where you may or may not feel obligated to say how non-enormous you think i look, so i just look like a big douche who's fishing for compliments ;)
If i were really sassy, i'd have painted a picture of my own self camouflaged into a pink room.
...but then i would have had to change out of my sweatpants.
team boo 's you


Caroline said...

And, we Love U!!!!

communikate. said...

i can help it, i love the word douche. it's so appropriate most of the time it's used.

you're hilarious!

thanks for the laugh.

Kera said...

oh honey. why do we sign up to do that more than once? and if the word swollen was somewhere in your post, it would have been a little more accurate. good luck with that.

Carolyn said...

true that Kera. My bra chafes my back fat on a daily basis.

it's awesome.

Buffalo Gal said...

carolyn...i luv you...your funny....and your my sister...and you give me sympathy hits ;} i HATE having that "bat in the crotch" feeling....
and yes i love seeing the elephant, instead of the tree. thank you.

cara. said...

so proud of you! where did you find this picture? i love it.

Sara said...

I'll think happy thoughts for your crotch (and I do mean that in the most innocent way possible)!

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