there's a she wolf in my closet.

...but mine isn't nearly as flexible as Shakira's .
Although she still breathes really heavy, does that count?
either was the soundtrack to our new year's eve
my kids and i can't get enough.
(and no they will not be watching that video...geeez)
{34 weeks}
Here are our friends pretending we didn't just play scrabble for two hours and nearly forget it was almost midnight.
So what did i learn in 2009, you ask?
...a #10 can of nacho cheese and the most freaking boring game ever you really can't call a New Year's Eve party. But that doesn't mean we didn't have fun (see above) Thanks Summer for messing up your house instead of mine ;)
team boo 's you


cara. said...

you guys are so cute.

Sara said...

Is this similar to when Woody from Toy Story yells, "There's a snake in my boot!" ?

Also, may I be so forward as to compliment your excellent cheek bones?

Too late. I did it.

robin said...

hey, i'm 34 weeks too!

i'll race you . . .

Christina said...

When I play Scrabble, someone always ends up flipping the board...and I wish I was joking.

Cheers to a wonderful year and a new bundle of joy on the way! You're such a doll with a radiant glow :)

Megan Lofgran said...

Anythings interesting with Mitchell involved!

ArizonaLewis said...

don't worry.
i'll give you another shot.
i think we're throwing our new year's eve party on the 30th of january.
except we don't have to stay up until midnight, we'll be playing bingo instead of scrabble and i'll be replacing your nacho cheese with a boatload of tamales.
get excited.
celebrating 2010 only happens twice in a lifetime.
i'll send you more details later.

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