more than a food baby.

27 weeks..................................31 weeks
Sheamus: "Mom are you have three babies??" (taking into account my 2 "ball tummies")
Me: "Nope, just one little baby boy :)"
Sheamus: "Well mom....It looks like you are turning into Santa Clause"
sweet. Here's to being jolly and jiggly (but with slightly less facial hair).
Ho Ho HO.
team boo 's you


cara. said...

blogland misses you and is thankful for the sporadic updating on the new project boo and the ladies. (:
your "jolly" is a lot more ADORABLE than any christmas jiggle i've seen going on around here.

work it, girl.

Caroline said...

I think you look great... and that red dress very cuteeeee!!! Miss your posts and hope all is well!!!! Much love to you and your family. xo

Michelle said...

yay for a real baby instead of a food baby!

You're looking so good! (How is it that the pregnancy is only affecting your stomach?? You look AMAZING!)

Hope you all have a very merry christmas!

PS. It was so nice seeing Auntie Debbie and Uncle Kent and Spencer! Spencer definitely has not changed since I last saw him!

missy. said...

haha hilarious. your little boy is soo darling.

Sara said...

Even from the neck down, I can still tell you look pretty.

Chandra said...

You look better 31 weeks pregnant than I do on a really good day. LOL You always look fabulous. Hope you guys have a great Christmas!!!

communikate. said...

oh hello there.
i'm totally lurking, but just had to say that your blog rocks my heart.


Sara-Jane Elizabeth said...

oh my goodness, sheamus is just too funny!

Mrs. Allens Class said...

Hi! I've been absent from the blogging world for like 4 or 5 months but I thought I'd stop by and visit your adorable-amusing-inspiring site :) I love your posts. And I would just like to say that I hope I can look as stunning and stylish as you do when I'm pregers someday! P.S. I tell everyone that our ward has magazine worthy parties.

Carolyn said...

whatever Chandra!!

I do prefer myself with more clothes though...don't you? ;) yowza.

Dior said...

I wish I looked this good.. when I'm not pregnant!!!

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