never mind the metal chairs...

Here is my latest form of life sucking force:
Christmas party #2
(the first for 30 guests, the second for about 250)
but good contractions!!

I really think a lot more could have been done for bigger impact, but I had a Metric concert to catch, and that stuck a middle finger to any further embellishments.
(Bethlehem had snow and enormous orange basketball

In the end, I showered, rubberbanded the fly of my blue skinny jeans and stuffed my face with ham before a night with Emily Haines and some mild heart burn.
And at this point in pregnancy, you can't really ask for much more than that.
It's all down hill from here donkeys!!!

team boo 's you


Michelle said...

I think it looks beautiful Carolyn!

Hope the Metric concert was fantastical!

Broadobalds said...

How was the concert? Calvin was sick so we couldn't make the show. And you can't even give a middle finger to a sick baby. You just have to suck it up and stay home in your sweat pants and wonder how the concert is going. Did you love it? Was it everything you wanted it to be?

Sara said...

Love the centerpieces.

I think you're the fanciest pregnant lady in town.

Sara-Jane Elizabeth said...

I love Metric! I hope the concert was fantastic!

missy. said...

I LOVE METRIC!! fabulous.

stacie and geoffrey... said...

You are amazing, I haven't seen RECEPTIONS look this good in church buildings. I hope the church is paying you a lot. :)

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