sweet and six

10 things that make Elyott terribly happy:
1. the wind in the shower right before the water gets warm.
2. learning a grown up thing
3. the no smile game.
4. CBS Saturday morning cartoons
5. snow queen xmas movie
6. tree swings
7. going to grandmas house
8. making cookies with the cookie maker (her dad)
9. getting tickled
10. reading Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs by the cozy fire

( see other family top tens, click here and here )


Same New Story said...

aww so cute! i most certainly agree with Elyott's #10

littlegypsy. said...

love it!

boots said...

shes so adorable. and i agree, going to grandma's house is the best!

S and K said...

Oh Sweet Elyott! She is one of the cutest, lovliest little ladies I know! I think I need her to come play at my house again she cracks me up! (Not to mention the CRUSH my son has on her!!!) :) Hope she likes younger spunky, trantrum throwing men!!!! hahaha wait isn't that most grown up men to?? DUS' KIDDING!

Leigha said...

I always win the no smiling game. Always.

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