happy "Face"

10 things that make this boy shine {according to him}:

-"fart balloons" 
- otter pockths
- lightning McQueen shoes
- ALL superhoeros, ever
- red like Lightning Mcqueen
- strawberries and waffles
- strong muscles
- growing up like daddy
- silly faces
- giving mama a "smooch"
- cousins Ryder and Travis
- Tia-lung goes "Skadoosh"
- snuggling...with mom...{yesssssss}

little boys are so easy to please.
{who grow into men...who are even easier to please} 


Brooke said...

I second that! Boys are so easy to please! I can hand my kid an empty box or wrapper and he is occupied for hours!

camille said...

cute! my adorable little cousin adores his Lightning McQueen shoes. you gotta the kiddies :)

Cali Girl said...

cuteness. are you going to ask your little girl the same? :)

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