team foo.

what is special to me about this photo is that is my very last with the cutoffs .  
we had a long run.
 and i mean long.
and what you can't see here is my very exposed left butt cheek. 
somehow the fact that i was wearing a bathing suit underneath is what made it seem okay
...why is that anyway?

So even though i am happy in this picture
my legs will never be the same.
(R.I.P. never-nudes)

yay independence!


Leigha said...

The day your never-nude cutoffs have to be retired is a sad day. What would Tobias think? Love your blog!

Nathaniel and Rachel Allen! said...

Love the Project Boo idea... only wish I could be so tech savvy! Also love your blog-- which is why I voted :) Girl, you are famous!

Tegan said...

im still here... reading along with glee :) i don't often say hi, but HI!!! haha.. your blog brightens the day between the studying, the assignments, the essays, and all that background reading. ugh, makes me bored thinking about it!
ciao amiga :) smile!

TeeTee said...

i love your hair!

cara. said...

3 readers lost?! eeee.

i'm barely kicking in recovery but still keeping up.

just completed season 3 of AD. . . and this is why we're kindred spirits. i vote we operation never nude it this week and head to the thrift store to see what goodness we can come up with in the jeans section.

consider this my summer challenge to you.

Broadobalds said...

Dear Boo,

Where do jean cutoffs go when they die?

Your Friend Jenna

Nicole's crazy Blog said...

not sure how I hopped over here...started on cjane's blogfrog and ended up seeing your links from a number of readers there and got curious. Very cute blog! Love the pictures and I remember my last favorite pair of cutoffs. An old pair of my brother's jeans that I wore with this really cool leather belt. One day a big rip went from the crotch to the outside seam. It was sad.

Kelsie said...

sad sad day. i love cut offs. i had to giive mine up long ago due to the same thing. haha never nudes i love AR!

Carolyn said...

Dear Jenna-

If they are lucky, cutoffs retire as a cute square to a memory quilt or have their ashes strewn at sea.

Unfortunately this pair was tragically lost in a cross dressing stint {that may or may not have involved Adam} yes we wear the same size pants...shut up.

lost and confused,
team Boo

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