my face turned three!

Three years and still no third baby (how could i do that to my little monkey?) To me, my second "baby" is still so small (seriously, he's a bag of bones) despite the following account of his official passage into manhood (well as far as the "world" is concerned)...

...Sheamus has never been one to "fiddle" (or yank, like some kids i know...yowza!) but in a moment of diaper freedom the other day he reached down and declared:

"Mom i'm getting thso big!"

uh er...."Yes you are a big boy now Sheamus" (is this a sick joke? he couldn't be thinking such things already??)

and yes, to clarify, he continued..."No, my PEEP is thso big!!"

Yes he's 3...and proud of it.

Happy Birthday Face!
Fun facts of your BIRTHday:

-almost born in the car (my freshly detailed car thanked my water for not breaking in it)

-two weeks early (the nurses made we walk down a friggin' mile long hallway and fill out paper work cause they thought i was...overreacting?? dummies) Turns out i was a 10 upon arrival and ready to time for pain killers, he was out within minutes (baby/reason #2 my crotch will never forgive me).

-The sweetest little monkey I'd ever seen (I was afraid i wouldn't like boys...silly!) and we've been "guggling" ever since...:)  I love you baby.


Christopher said...

Well you can't say you didn't expect a dirty side out of him. He is part mom's side of the family and part adam...Enough said. Haha I love sheamers.

Lindsay Brummer said...

boys will be boys! funny story getting so big. i thought i wouldn't really like boys either and i'm with you, they are SO FUN.

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