look ma, no Elmo!

It's a nationwide pandemic, and it needs to be stopped (grandmas are you listening?).  Like some urban mommy snobfest, we didn't want to have to register for our baby shower, but you've almost forced our hand (although, rest assured, we still won't be teaching our kids sign language...pshew!)

Character clothing must be destroyed. I can't bring myself to buy tinker bell overalls for my daughter any more than i can line the back of my car window with neon carnival teddy bears...i just won't do it.  There are just too many cute things out there (and someday i just may be able to buy a few of them).  Until then, our family will stick to our uber conservative daily attire of pajamas, diapers and costumes.

Clearly there is more to life than buying cute overpriced clothes, but it doesn't hurt to browse. So check out Nonchalant mom for more adorable geddups.

**(and keep Dora on your TV for heavens sake)


Nate, Kim, Lili and Baby Nate said...

wow, I couldn't agree more!!! WHY do people (in our case it seems like mostly grandparents) feel the need to buy character clothing? YUCK. I can't stand it. it should be against the law.

Eric and Addie said...

ok, i have to admit that zane does own one transformer and batman shirt. we did pass on diego and mcqueen though this time. but i do agree and hate those outfits
yes, that is a family picture and yes it is the size of a thumbnail. when you look as good as i do these days you dont want to people to be able to get to good of a look or they might get jealous. let's just say it looks like i was the one who ate your chocolate cake and not sheamus. yeah it's pretty awesome.
i did see adam yesterday and i think the last time i saw you was at walmart as well. next time i go i will give you a call and we can meat in the meat department. sound good?

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