Jekkyl 'n Hyde

Yesterday while getting ready for school my five year old daughter sweetly asked if she could forego wearing her glasses to school.  She said she liked the way she looked better without them.

This sparked our discussion of while it was fun to see her beautiful eyelashes and not have to worry about the "foggies" that the more she wore them now the sooner she'll never have to wear them again.  

Me: "Plus, think of all the people who say how much they looove your cute glasses when they meet you, and your adorable friendliness." i added hopeful.  

Elyott: "thats true" with fondness fogging her forming gloom. She continued "well, when i was playing dressups with (two older neighborhood girls) last week they told me that i wasn't a princess because i wore glasses, and that I wasn't beautiful." tears welling in her eyes.

Now if you have kids you understand the crazy animal instinct that awakens when another kid picks on your innocent child. Holding back my defensive reaction (in a sad attempt to raise a child without this trait as ravenous as mine) I explained that sometimes when people aren't happy inside they try to say things to make others feel sad too (even when the things they say are not true)

...I hugged her and reminded her how BEAUTIFUL she is...and that i guarantee that some princesses do wear glasses, and that other little princesses are caddy little brats, and need to be body slammed. (Okay, so i didn't say that last part...but i soooo wanted to).

It's tough to be a kid, and a mom who is doing every thing she can to not slap those snotty kids upside the head.  Or grab them by the ear Oliver style and gruffly whisper that if they ever hurt my child in any way ever again I will unleash every blood thirsty monster i know to haunt their room at night, or even worse...the scary clown from halloween '05 , promising them in some way that if they mess with my kid they are going DOWWWN!!...(I think i blacked out, what just happened??) 

Now before you form some twisted "Miss Hannigan" picture of me, please know, I do love love love little kids....i just love mine waaaaaaay more :) And Elyott, you are my shining star! (with and without glasses)



The Payne family said...

That is so sad! So are the doctors saying that she won't have to wear them eventually then? You can tell Elyott that I think she makes a wonderful princess!

Courtney said...

Can I just tell you that I love your posts! And, Ellyot is the cutest princess EVER!

ArizonaLewis said...


Christopher said...

Haha you're just like mom. Remember that time that Kasey punched me when I was like 6 and she told him if he ever hit me again she would hit him? Welllll I guess that just shows you have more self control than mom :D Congrats.

Lindsay Brummer said...

okay, reading this in all my post pregnancy hormonal bliss, I am in tears that any mean brats would say that to your little girl (who, let me tell you, is one of the cutest kids I have ever met). You are strong for not hiding in their closets and making sure they are too scared to ever sleep in their rooms again. You are a good mom!

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