build-a-"boo" (trick or treat 2005)

Sheamus clearly still holding a grudge on the doctor 
who snipped his ding dong mere weeks before.
(where do you find a costume for a newborn?? 
Build-a-Bear, of course...and that is the only thing that scary place is good for)

and speaking of SCARY...

....ironically this baby was calm when comforted by his flesh eating grandma 
(who couldn't figure out why the older children were terrified of her "silly" clown costume)  

"Its fine kids, blood thirsty grandma ate before she came, see!"  

Elyott wasn't buying it.
(can you blame her?)


Rachael Earl said...

That clown costume is AWESOME. Those pictures made me laugh SO hard.

Deborah said...

Is that really Adam's mom? She is pretty freakin scary looking.

Connie said...

I don't think I've ever laughed so hard at any one post... or blog. I love it.

kate said...

i've never laughed so hard at a blog post.

"snipped his ding-dong"

ohhhh this is funny.

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