crapper's delight

What is it with kids and expressing their sentiments while on the pot?  Or, if you can't relate, what is with my kid expressing her sentiments while on the pot?? Aside from finding out women occasionally poop during labor (wait, what!), it is the one of the weirdest most unexpected things of becoming a mother.  Once a day, elyott reaches her moment of clarity and/or is "lovestruck" where momentarily all is right with the world. Bear with me here folks...

-Elyott: (yelling from bathroom across the house) "Hey mom, can people make poop even when they don't have to?"
-Mom: "Not usually"
-Elyott: "huh, well i can! ...(pause)....i guess that just makes me a magical kid!!" (so true my dear:)
-Once on an outing, elyott had an emergency call of nature, and wanted me in the tiny stall with her of course.  Feeling sick and grouchy, she asked me ot do something funny to cheer her up. Ummmmm....naturally I chose a broadway kick while singing in my jazziest Liza Minnelli-ish voice "I'VE GOT BULLET PROOF LEGS, I'VE GOT BULLET PROOF LEGS" which she thought was mildly funny but mostly weird (as usual). Then a moment of silence...."i love you mom" then insisted i give her a kiss (still on the toilet, mind you) and with one final push grunted "this day is just SO magical!"
I like to think that instead of pure confusion mixed with disgust, the lady in the stall next to us was rather just smiling at the extra close bond between a mother and daughter...(sigh)

*(also, never talk to me while i'm in the bathroom)

.....and sorry so many of my posts mention poop. It's fine, don't worry about it.


Rachael Earl said...

Abbie always comes in even when I have to go to the bathroom, and usually yells, "You're doing it, mom, I'm so proud of you!!!"

Robbins Family said...

My boys are big toilet singers... they sure know how to belt out a tune while doing their duty. Not quite sure where they get it from!?!

MaryPosa said...

So, your "Explore teamBoo" thing is working.

And in regards to the first paragraph. "occasionally poop during labor"? come on... "occasionally"?!?


Cortney said...

Hahaha, so true. I was watching my cousin's son, and he wanted me to sit on the floor in front of the toilet while he went (he was about two and a half) he reached out, stroked a lock of my hair, and said "your hair is so *starts to grunt loudly* PRETTY". The "pretty part was almost completely obliterated by the grunting. It was hilarious.

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